10 Pet-Friendly Accommodation Options in Varanasi 


Everyday routine life can be tiring however, you are sure to smile as you come home to little paws. Pets definitely change your life in the most positive way which is why you should treat them with all the love. So, if you are planning for a serene getaway, Varanasi is the place to be!

With so many pet-friendly hotels and homestays, Varanasi invites you and your fur babies for a great time in the city. You can also find many pet-friendly restaurants and cafes here. So, do not hesitate as this guide is sure to help you find budget-friendly as well as luxurious stay options with your fur babies.

Top Pet-Friendly Hotels in Varanasi are – 

1. Hotel Yash Residency 

Hotel Yash Residency is a one stop destination when looking for a budget-friendly stay with your paw friends. The hotel has 3 different types of rooms which you can choose depending on your pet’s requirement. Moreover, the hotel is located close to Assi Ghat so feel free to make your pets walk in the streets of Varanasi. Most guests loved the pet-friendliness and hospitality here.

2. GoSTOPS Varanasi 

Varanasi Hotels are pretty occupying when it comes to pets. GoSTOPS Varanasi is definitely a great choice for your furry friends and babies as the destination is all about modern amenities and comfort. The hotel has a home theatre, common area, laundry, indoor games and wifi. It also has various in-room facilities like AC, linen and comfortable bedding for your darling pets!

3. Hotel Surya, Kaiser Palace

As the name suggests, Hotel Surya, Kaiser Palace is an amazing heritage property in Varanasi. With comfortable rooms and classic amenities, the hotel welcomes your little and big fur babies for a great stay. It is a fusion of luxury and comfort elevating the holiday experience for your pets. It also has an in-house restaurant and bar for all your culinary needs. Make sure to check other Varanasi hotels for a budget-friendly stay.

4. The White Canyon Hotel

Your paw pals  sure need a getaway and their comfort is well kept in mind at The White Canyon Hotel. For convenience and fun, the hotel has a terrace where your furry friends  can roam with all the comfort. Also, the hotel does not take any additional costs for pets. You can enjoy different activities including live music, walking tours, cooking classes and evening entertainment. 

5. Hotel Vrindavan Palace

Hotel Vrindavan Palace is one of the best accommodation options if you are travelling with your pets. You can experience great hospitality and spacious rooms for your fur babies. It also has an in house restaurant as well as a coffee shop to have a relaxing time. Some of the other amenities also include free Wi-Fi, a banquet hall, car rental service and in room facilities. The comfortable linen beds are sure to make your pets happy as they find pet-friendly staff all around!

6. Stay Inn’s Heritage

Looking for a vibrant accommodation for your cats and dogs? If yes, straightaway head to Stay Inn’s Heritage for a comfortable stay with your little innocent pets. Also, the hotel is located in proximity to the ghats so you can easily do touristy things while taking care of your pets. Some of the best amenities include an in-house restaurant, Wi-Fi, laundry service, yoga and barbeque options. You can also check for pocket-friendly Varanasi hotels for a calm stay.

7. Narayana Haveli

Narayana Haveli in Varanasi is one of the most loved destinations if you are planning to travel with your pet. The rooms are spacious and you are sure to have a heritage feeling with your lovely friends. Also, it is located close to the famous tourist attractions of Varanasi thereby giving you a chance to explore with your pets. As the name suggests, it is an ancient haveli with different architectural styles offering complete wonders to your eyes.

8. Tree of Life Resort and Spa

Are you planning to escape from the hustle and bustle of life with your lovely babies? If yes then Tree of Life Resorts and Spa in Varanasi is one of the most amazing destinations to enjoy serenity and pet friendliness. You can find spacious and clean rooms with aesthetic decor defining the cultural heritage of Varanasi. It also has a spacious garden area and Spa to treat yourself and your fur babies with equal amounts of love. Satisfy your taste buds with an in-house lounge and bar.

9. Kaashi Flora

Travelling with pets comes with different challenges and it is important to book the right accommodation for your little ones. Kaashi flora in Varanasi is one of the best villas located near the transit points. The villa has a spacious garden allowing your fur friends to run and enjoy around. Some of the other amenities include balcony, free parking, terrace and a kitchen.

10. Mad Squad Varanasi 

Different Varanasi hotels are perfectly designed to travel with your pet friends. One such is Mad Squad Varanasi which is equipped with modern amenities. It offers unbeatable hospitality and in-room facilities. The hotel also has rooftop seating offering an open atmosphere for pets to enjoy with you. It also has a swimming pool and different dining areas where you can find different photography spots for your fur babies.

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Varanasi is a land of different cultures and it is indeed one of the best locations to make your pets experience all of it. So, book your tickets and little paws run and jump on the streets of Varanasi.


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