4 successful marketing strategies for creating hype for your fashion store launch

Everyone wants to look their best and be their best. Thanks to the fashion industry, we know what’s in vogue and what outfits would best suit us. Using this knowledge, a person can buy and wear clothes and accessories that can make them look their best and impress everyone around them. 

As a fashion store, you will be working in the industry and providing a place where people can buy these clothes and accessories. You want to ensure that you attract a large customer base on opening day so you can not only help them but get some good business as well. The question is how to do it. There are a number of promotional techniques that you can use to ensure this happens. 

Build Hype With Flyers

To announce the grand opening of your store, you can use flyers to advertise and build hype. Pictures say what words cannot and you can use flyers to do so. You can get the message across with very few words in an effective way. To create your grand opening flyer, you can use PosterMyWall. 

PosterMyWall allows you to design, create, and download your flyer all from the same place. It has an easy-to-use interface and grants you access to hundreds of templates that you can adjust accordingly. This is especially helpful when you aren’t confident in your graphics designing ability or simply don’t possess that skill set. 

The flyer template below can be used for such a purpose. The basic design is present but has enough space for your store’s details. You can add in your logo, store location, opening date, any special offers, etc. Then you can download and send it to print.

Invite Industry Personalities

Every fashion store launch should always have personalities attending the event who are relevant to the industry. This can be models, designers, and even fashion journalists. This will get your store noticed within the industry and establish your presence early on. 

Not only that, but these personalities will draw a crowd of their own. Their presence will lend legitimacy to your store and create a perception that it has these personalities’ approval. If nothing else, people will visit solely to interact with these personalities and may become customers as well while they’re there ugg slippers.

Social Media Promotion

One of the best and least expensive ways to promote anything these days is on social media. With smartphones, everyone is connected to the internet and most of the traffic being generated comes from social media use. As such, promoting your store’s launch on social media should be in your marketing plan. 

You should have social media profiles for your brand anyway which you can use to promote your store’s launch. However, a factor to consider here is if this would be the first store for your brand or if you are expanding to another location. In any case, you should opt for paid advertising on social media. It will only take you a few dollars but it will expand your reach exponentially. Not only that but social media platforms will show special advertisements to users across the platform for your store launch. 

Launching Day Deals And Discounts

A great way to attract people to attend your store’s launch is to give them incentives to do so. Simply put, deals and discounts that run for a limited time. These will entice customers who would want to avail of these offers to visit your store before the time runs out. For example, a 25% discount on all items for the first three days of launch is a decent offer. This will ensure a steady flow of customers during the launching week, and once they enjoy your products, will become lasting consumers as well.

You can use PosterMyWall’s small business flyer templates to create posters and flyers to advertise these discounts. You may put them up in different locations and use the image file for these flyers for use on social media platforms and through different digital marketing means. Use them in tandem with posters and flyers you will put up for advertising your store launch. But offer enough information on both kinds of posters.

These are some simple yet effective marketing and promotional techniques that you can use for your fashion store launch. The goal is to attract a large attendance so your launch is a success, and these techniques will help you achieve that. The best part about them is that they can be used even after the launch to promote your brand overall. You should start at least a month to two weeks before the official launch day to ensure enough hype is made. Keep at it right the first week of launching and your event will be a success.

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