5 Free Apps to Increase YouTube Subscribers in 2023

Are you looking for free apps to increase your YouTube subscribers? Look no further! In this blog post, we’ll discuss five free apps that can help you get more YouTube subscribers. From automated scheduling to hashtag tracking, these free apps offer a range of features to help you engage with your audience and reach more viewers. Read on to learn more about how these free apps can help you boost your subscriber count on YouTube.

5 Free Apps to Increase YouTube Subscribers in 2023

Here is the list of 5 free apps to increase YouTube subscribers.


uTubeX Mod APK is a free app designed to help you grow your YouTube subscriber base quickly and easily. This app allows you to track the progress of your videos, monitor viewer engagement, and identify areas for improvement. uTubeX also has powerful automation tools that can be used to automatically send out notifications to people who subscribe to your channel. Plus, with its easy-to-use dashboard, you can easily monitor the performance of all your videos in one place. 

uTubeX allows you to create custom landing pages for each of your videos, enabling you to better engage viewers. These pages can include social media links, forms for email opt-ins, and more. You can also use uTubeX to schedule YouTube video promotion campaigns to help drive more views and subscribers to your channel. 

Overall, uTubeX is a great tool for any YouTuber looking to increase their subscriber count. It’s intuitive dashboard and automated features make it easy to manage all aspects of your channel in one place. With its powerful analytics and marketing features, uTubeX is sure to help you reach your subscriber goals in no time!

View Booster

View Booster Mod APK is an app that helps you increase your YouTube subscriber count quickly and easily. This app is available for both Android and iOS devices and provides a simple way to gain more views on your channel. The app helps to boost your views and subscribers by suggesting related channels and videos for viewers to watch. Additionally, View Booster can help track views, followers, and engagement metrics for your channel in real-time.

One great feature of View Booster is its advanced targeting options. This allows you to target potential viewers based on their location, interests, and more. You can also take advantage of its ‘view optimization’ option which will automatically optimize your video settings to get the most views possible.

Overall, View Booster is a great app for those looking to gain more subscribers on YouTube. With its easy-to-use interface, advanced targeting options, and view optimization capabilities, you can be sure to increase your subscriber count in no time!

Video Promoter

Video Promoter Mod APK is a free app designed to help you get more YouTube subscribers. This app works by automatically promoting your videos to relevant users on YouTube and other social media networks. You can choose which videos to promote and who to target. You can even customize the message that goes out with your videos.

Video Promoter also offers analytics, so you can track the success of your campaigns. The app will also provide tips and advice on how to optimize your video promotion strategy. Additionally, Video Promoter can be used to create promotions for multiple videos at once.

Overall, Video Promoter is an excellent free app for those who want to grow their YouTube subscriber count. It’s simple to use, has great features, and can help you get more views and subscribers quickly.

Social Blade

Social Blade is a free app that helps you track and analyze your YouTube subscribers. With Social Blade, you can easily monitor the progress of your channel and see how your subscriber count is growing. You can also compare yourself to other channels, compare various videos side-by-side, and more.

One of the most interesting features of Social Blade is its “Projections” feature. It allows you to get an idea of what your subscriber count could look like in the future based on historical data. You can even set goals for yourself and track your progress as you reach those goals.

The app also provides detailed analytics about your YouTube channel and its videos. You can see how long people are watching your videos, which ones get the most views, and much more. All of this information can be used to better understand your audience and make sure you’re creating content that resonates with them.

Overall, Social Blade is a great way to track the progress of your channel and ensure that you’re doing everything you can to get more YouTube subscribers. It’s easy to use, offers powerful insights, and it’s free. So, if you’re looking for an app to help you increase your subscriber count, Social Blade is definitely worth checking out.


Hootsuite is a powerful tool for managing your YouTube presence. The app allows you to monitor and engage with your followers, track their engagement, and schedule content to be posted when it’s most likely to be seen. You can also create custom reports to track the effectiveness of your strategies. With Hootsuite, you can easily get more subscribers by targeting influencers in your niche, leveraging your existing networks, and optimizing your YouTube channel. It’s a great way to boost your visibility and grow your subscriber base quickly.

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