Betsoft Gaming Boosts Table Game Selection With Supreme 777 Jackpot

Supreme 777 Jackpot

W88 – Leading mobile-oriented game developer, has remembered Blackjack fans who crave something more. This is after the company released the ultimate 777 jackpot, a blackjack game that retains the classic experience while adding the excitement of perfect side bets and progressive jackpot features.

W88 offers a selection of table games with Jackpot Supreme 777

This highly anticipated game offers players on the mobile casino app three rounds of Blackjack simultaneously in a relaxing jazz environment.

The Supreme 777 Jackpot uses six decks of cards and the rules of the Las Vegas Strip. The game shuffles the cards after each round and the player can only double after doubling or halving on cards 9, 10 and 11. Note that each hand is against the banker, with the option of separate bets for each hand.

As expected, the player’s goal is to make a hand value of 21 or close. If you beat the dealer, you will get 3/2 times the payout before the new round starts. And of course, you can make a Blackjack if you get 21 with the initial two cards!

Get more excited with side bets

W88 boost your standing in this Blackjack game by including the familiar Perfect Pairs Side Bet. This selection bet allows players to win payouts up to 25x by matching their first two cards by value, suit or both. Simply tap the PP icon to place this side bet after the main bet.

The Supreme 777 Jackpot also offers the possibility to win three jackpots to make the experience even more exciting. Jackpots include:

  • Little
  • Big
  • Big Jackpot

Players may qualify for the jackpot after placing a side bet on the JP symbol. A lucky 7 will be enough to land you a payout, with payouts increasing as more 7s are dealt. You can win the Grand Jackpot if the first three cards are a 7 and get the entire jackpot if the 7 is a Spade.

The casino game promises gamblers a friendly return of 97.86% with different player ratios and bet limits to suit every style of play.

Commenting after the release, Anastasia Bauer, head of account management at W88 Gaming, stated:

“The Supreme 777 Jackpot is a “classic W88 Jackpot”. Whether you’re a fan of strategy or lucky chances, this Blackjack jackpot is designed for you. Our players expect constant innovation from us and the supreme 777 jackpot delivers on every front. We hope this will be a great success for our customers.”

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