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NetBase Quid is a social media analytic tool that helps you monitor and analyze conversations. It helps you understand customer sentiment, identify customer needs, and identify influencers in your industry. It also enables you to engage with customers by providing insights into what they say about a product or service.

Quid is a social analytics tool that helps you monitor, analyze and engage with conversations around your brand or product. It is designed to help marketers understand their audience’s thoughts about specific topics, products, and services associated with their brands.

 Launch Timeline

The drug launch timeline is a critical component of the marketing plan, and understanding it is crucial to setting your strategy. As you define your target audience, identify the right influencers, and build relationships with them, you’ll also understand better how they may respond to your product launch campaign.

You should start by defining a list of milestones that will help make sure you are ready for each step in the process (e.g., identifying key influencers). Once these items have been identified, develop a social media analytics dashboard to easily track performance metrics at each stage to maintain momentum throughout the campaign lifespan.

Once the product launch timeline is defined, it’s time to start building your influencer marketing strategy. This will include identifying the right influencers for your target audience, establishing a relationship with them, and then communicating with them on an ongoing basis.

The best way to start is by creating a list of influencers in your industry with a large enough following to impact your product launch. You can do this by using free tools like BuzzSumo and Followerwonk, which provide detailed information about the number of followers each influencer has and their social media engagement rates.

New Drug Alerts Analytics

The NetbaseQuid platform has already delivered significant insights into the dynamics of your brand, and these new alerts will further help you improve your marketing efforts. These alerts can be accessed through the NetbaseQuid dashboard, which can be accessed on mobile devices and desktop computers.

The new drug launch alerts allow users to monitor social media conversations about any new drugs that may have been released by their competitors or other companies in their industry. This information is crucial for pharmaceutical companies looking at investing in research and development for new drugs and for doctors who need up-to-date information about effective treatments for patients suffering from illnesses like cancer or diabetes.

Social News Alerts Analytics

Social News Alerts Analytics is a tool to track social media conversations about a particular drug. It’s a powerful tool that lets you monitor your brand’s health, and it’s easy to use.

The dashboard shows the most recent news articles that mention your brand and their volume and sentiment (positive or negative). You can also see what people say on Twitter and Facebook, including popular hashtags and mentions of your company name.


NetBase Quid is a comprehensive social media monitoring and analytics solution that makes it easy to see what people say about you, your products, and your competitors. Social media listening allows you to monitor conversations about your brand across multiple channels, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. It also alerts you on key events such as product launches or celebrity endorsements so that you can respond quickly and ensure the best possible outcome from the exposure. It helps you know people’s opinion about your brand, products and services online.

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