How to Make Your Business More Energy Efficient

With energy bills soaring through the roof and efforts to save the planet becoming more prevalent than ever before, businesses are now looking for ways to improve their daily energy efficiency. Each year, both small and large corporations alike waste tons of supplies and energy which not only harmfully impacts the planet and wastes valuable resources but can drastically eat into their bottom line. Now, it’s time to make a change and reap the benefits. 

If you require some key advice on how to make your business more energy efficient, the below tips should provide some inspiration on how to get started:

Undertake an Energy Audit

Unless you know exactly where energy is being used, it can be difficult to determine where it is being wasted. By undertaking an energy audit, you’ll gain which areas of your energy consumption could be reduced and therefore, cut down your expenses in the process. It is, also wise to have a conversation with your team about reducing energy consumption so that the entire workforce is working towards the same goal. 

Upgrade Technology 

All businesses should aim to upgrade their technology every couple of years for the sake of sustainability and productivity. However, the type of tech you invest in will typically depend on the industry your business operates in. 

Manufacturing, for example, can produce extremely high outgoings, both in terms of the cost of machinery and the energy usage of the appliances. With this in mind, it would be wise to invest in a single piece of machinery that can work across many industries (including automotive, woodworking, and public services) known as the rotary vane air compressor from By being substantially energy efficient, this machine decreases overall costs while maximizing productivity. 

Turn Off Lights and Appliances When Not in Use

We are all guilty of leaving on appliances and lights while out of the room, but such a simple bad habit could cost your business thousands of dollars each year. Your energy usage will skyrocket and lead to an unnecessary outlay, which could be better spent elsewhere. 

Studies have shown that 15% of annual energy usage is derived from appliances in standby mode, so it’s easy to calculate just how much extra you could be costing your business each year. It may be worth assigning a key member of staff to turn off all appliances before the end of the working day or set timers to turn them off automatically.  

Control the Room Temperature 

Temperature control is a major factor when trying to cut down energy costs. Increasing the heating by just 1 degree could cost your business an additional 8% on your energy bills on an annual basis. 

One top tip is to ensure that radiators and other sources of heat are not covered by furniture, as the heat will be absorbed rather than flooding the room; causing you to leave the heating on for a longer period, 

Additionally, you may wish to invest in a programmable thermostat that automatically changes the temperature of the office in correlation with the guidelines you put in place.

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Written by Grace

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