How to Select the Best Tablet: Key Criteria 

The best-selling mobile device is the smartphone. Often it performs most tasks, but, for example, working with graphics, drawing, playing at a live casino Schweiz, and watching movies is more convenient on a larger screen. For such purposes, the tablet, which combines the functions of a smartphone and laptop, was invented.

The Operating System


The most stable operating system for tablets, based on iOS and modified for the big screen iPad. It’s optimized, so it doesn’t need a large amount of RAM. Choosing a tablet on the operating system from Apple, you get an elaborate user interface and a huge number of diverse apps.

But be prepared for the fact that many of them will be paid. The operating system is owned by Apple, so it’s only installed on its iPad tablets. But Apple has the most advanced technical support, and the performance of even outdated generations of gadgets isn’t inferior to competing proposals built on modern hardware platforms. A huge advantage of the whole family of Apple devices can be called the most convenient ecosystem. Of course, to take full advantage of it, you need to be the owner of over one device with an apple on the body.

The downside of iPadOS closedness is the difficulty of direct exchange of user files and the limitations of the interface customization. And the inability to expand the available memory space discourages some potential buyers.


Android is open and free, so it’s chosen by most tablet manufacturers. The system is regularly updated, but the owners of budget devices may not feel this.

Some manufacturers are too lazy to finalize the firmware for those tablets, which were replaced by new models. The openness of Android means that users can easily replace the “standard” applications: player, browser, keyboard, etc. Another thing is that changing really fundamental things requires “straight” hands and often entails a loss of warranty.

The most unpleasant thing about this operating system is its growing appetite for system resources and its tendency to get covered with digital “junk”. If a couple of generations ago a whole gigabyte of RAM was considered sufficient, now two gigabytes is not enough.

As for “garbage” – Android’s built-in tools have not yet learned how to deal with it successfully. In particularly severe cases, only a complete reset with the loss of all user data can return the device to a comfortable operating speed.

Processor Name


Based on licensed ARM cores, Apple employees are developing their version of the processor cores. Previously, Imagination Technologies PowerVR gas pedals were used as the graphics subsystem. Now Apple makes its own video gas pedals.


The most popular and most mainstream single-chip systems. They are developed by Qualcomm, based on deeply redesigned licensed cores (which are produced by ARM) and their own Adreno gas pedals. These processors are characterized by excellent overall and gaming performance, good energy efficiency, as well as other “chips”. The main drawback is the increased cost.


Samsung also prefers to refine the stock cores. As a rule, as a graphics gas pedal graphics cores Mali are installed.


You can also find in the description of the tablet abbreviated name of the processor MediaTek – MTK. The company uses off-the-shelf cores and graphics (PowerVR and Mali). It isn’t engaged in optimization, doesn’t have its own production, and to invest partners does not allow its financial capabilities. As a result, MediaTek’s single-chip systems lag behind alternative offerings because they are made according to outdated technological norms. On paper, such processors may look nice, but in real life, not so much. But the company’s chips just work perfectly with GPS navigation.


They specialize in ultra-budget solutions. Stock cores and gas pedals, the “crudest” technological norms possible at the time of production – you should not expect any miracles from such processors.


Typically, tablets have a display diagonal in the range of 7 to 12 inches. To find a model that falls outside of this range is not easy. For example, Ipad Pro with a screen diagonal of 12.9 inches. The tablet was originally created for mobile users who need to always have a computer on hand. Due to its compact size, it wins over almost any laptop or even netbook. One of the important pros is that you don’t have to bend and unbend it every time to turn it on. You can also buy a separate stand with a keyboard and you have a powerful laptop, and with a stylus, it becomes a professional graphics tablet.

Screen Resolution

Measured in pixels across the horizontal and vertical sides of the screen. The higher the resolution of the screen, the clearer and better quality images you see on the screen of your tablet. But remember that the more pixels, the more powerful stuffing must be in the device. As a rule, tablets with maximum resolution are solutions of the top price segment.

There are several resolution standards:

  • HD – 1366 by 768 pixels.
  • Full HD – 1920 by 1080 pixels.
  • Retina – 2732 by 2048 pixels at maximum diagonal of 12.9 inches (used by Apple).

Matrix Types

  • IPS – the optimal matrix for a tablet, good color reproduction and maximum viewing angles are suitable for both daily work and for gaming.
  • Retina – sensor based on the IPS, but with higher resolution (up to 2732 by 2048 pixels), differs from the original with higher contrast and color rendering indexes.
  • AMOLED – the best matrix in the world on organic LEDs, maximum color rendering, viewing angles and absolute contrast. The only downside is the price.


In this case, it refers to the amount of internal memory. You should be guided by your preferences. If you plan to store a lot of photos, movies, music, then choose a tablet with built-in memory of 32 GB. A good addition will also be a slot for memory cards.


RAM is a storage device with fast access to content, usually on tablets is the apps currently running.

The more apps you are going to use at the same time (for example, social networking client, messenger, music player, game), the more RAM you will need. For hardcore gamers, focus on a memory size of 4 GB or more.

Satellite Navigation


It was originally invented and developed for military purposes, but now actively used in civilian gadgets. It measures time, distance and determines the location of the tablet on the ground.


This is a domestic development of the Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS). The operating principle is the same as that of GPS. The best option is a combination of GLONASS+GPS.


The Chinese version of the satellite navigation system. Sometimes you can meet the second name – bds.


A joint project of the satellite navigation system of the European Union and the European Space Agency. Besides the European powers, the project also involves representatives from other continents: China, Israel, Australia, Argentina, Malaysia, and many others.


Japanese satellite system. Operates with high accuracy over the territory of Japan. It’s impossible to call it an international system.



Legendary electronics manufacturer from the United States. It produces an innovative iPad, which features a stylish design, operating system and its philosophy. It is considered the ancestor of modern tablets.


Electronics manufacturer from South Korea is one of the leaders in the tablet market. Famous for the use of OLED screens in its devices, as well as other innovative ideas.


Chinese electronics manufacturer. It produces networking equipment and mobile devices.

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