Remarketing Strategies for Online Businesses

As an online business owner, you might have heard about the term remarketing. But do you also know what it is?

Sometimes also known as retargeting, remarketing is an umbrella term for marketing to the same potential client – more than once.

After reading this, you might be thinking about why on earth you would want to market to the same person more than once. You might as well be fretting over why you would be spending your money on people who didn’t buy the first time.

Now, the answer to these questions can be answered with another question – how many times have you bought a product the first time you saw it?

According to research, at least 92% of online consumers don’t make a purchase during their initial visit to the website. Even more- more than 60% of shopping carts are abandoned.

This aspect takes us down to the basic goals of your business, which is being proactive in re-engaging the 92% of online consumers who didn’t buy anything during their initial visits to your website. That said, google analytics remarketing is the best way to fix this issue.

Different Methods of Remarketing

Search Engine Marketing

The first marketing technique is all about remarketing in search engines, like Google. With Google Ads, you can target your website visitors. Typically, this is accomplished in two ways:

Display Network – your remarketing ads appear on Google’s partner sites, and apps as internet users browse on their devices.

YouTube – YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. We all know those ads that show before and during a video while watching YouTube. You can avail this chance to remarket to your potential customers while they are consuming content on YouTube.

Run Social Media Ads

The second remarketing technique to know about is running social media ads. Remarketing by using social media ads is nothing less than a game-changer.

We know that people spend massive time scrolling on social media platforms. An average person scrolls social media on average two hours a day.

Now, if you think about it- this gives you the perfect opportunity to get in front of potential customers – while they are scrolling down their timelines.

Speaking of Facebook, you can use this social media platform alone to remarket the following types of people:

  • Customer lists – people that are your past customers.
  • Website visitors – people who have visited your website in the past.
  • Engagement audiences – people who have engaged with your content on Instagram and Facebook.

Email Marketing

The next opportunity to remarket online is through email marketing. Email marketing is becoming one of the most under-utilized forms of marketing today.

The truth is that email marketing is the most important part of your business – if you think about it, more than half of the plant has an email address. Technically, if you have a smartphone or you are a Google user, you have an email address.

So, your business simply cannot afford to remarket without an efficient email marketing strategy.

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Written by Grace

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