The future of content marketing – what 2023 has in store 

Content marketing is effective, but far from easy if you lack experience in the field. You need to truly understand your audience and what they’re looking for. In addition, you should always keep an eye on digital content trends because they change quicker than you might think. What worked last year in your niche may not be relevant, and it’s crucial to stay agile and adapt your content creation strategies. 

Catching up with the latest trends in digital content marketing can help you stay ahead of the curve and deliver valuable content to your public (content they are interested in). As a content creator, you can use several types of content and platforms to make your way onto the scene and reach a broader audience. 

With this in mind, continue reading the following trends, which are expected to help companies stay on the cutting edge of content in 2023. 

Video content gains more popularity

Some bad news for content creators is that the attention span of internet users is alarmingly low, and it’s challenging to capture their interest. To entertain your public, you must create engaging content that motivates them to visit your website and social media profiles in search of more. 

You can add video content to a blog article or create interactive quizzes, games, and polls containing videos. People love video content for several reasons. They combine multiple types of content, music, speech, text, and other similar elements, stimulate the brain better than text content, and entertain them. 

Create short-form videos

Short-form videos have gained traction since social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram emerged. They conform to the internet users’ attention span needs and deliver information in an easy-to-understand way. The most popular forms of short-form videos are TikTok videos, YouTube shorts, Instagram stories, and Instagram reels. 

Boost SEO with closed captions

People prefer videos with captions because many of them watch them without sound. Captions make your videos accessible to a broader public (including viewers with hearing impairment) and boost your website’s SEO. 

Humanised content experience

You already know that the online space is quite crowded, regardless of your niche, and there are no ifs, ands, or buts when you create content. Developing a content strategy to entice your target clients has got trickier over the last few years due to an increased volume that causes decision fatigue. Brand research is useful for all companies because it enables you to analyse your customers’ journey and reshape your engagement methods. 

The world has shifted into the digital space over the last few years, especially as a result of the restrictions the pandemic posed, and brands need to tweak their content creation strategies to meet the public’s new needs. Taking a holistic approach and humanising the content are paramount to remaining top-of-mind. 

Before planning a content marketing strategy, consider the clients’ micro-journeys and ensure that each piece of content matches their needs and expectations. Interactivity is a big piece of the puzzle called content creation because it entertains the public and keeps Internet users engaged with your content for a long time. 

Create interactive content to educate and engage

A study from the Content Marketing Institute reveals that 75% of marketers think educating their public is the main reason for creating interactive content. Among other reasons are conversion, creating brand awareness, lead generation, and engagement. 

Interactive content will continue to be paramount for all online marketing strategies in 2023 because humans crave interaction. People nowadays don’t want to consume information passively; they want to engage with the brands they buy from in a less conventional way. Therefore, ensure your content includes games, interactive infographics, assessment tools, questionnaires, and quizzes. Interactive content makes website visitors stay longer on the page, which improves SEO metrics. 

Social media continues to engage audiences

Nowadays, everyone is on social media, and companies need to establish a strong social media presence. To do it you need to identify the platforms your ideal customers use and the reasons behind their choices. 

HubSpot revealed that TikTok is great for sharing bite-sized educational information, while Twitter is best for delivering quick news. On the other hand, YouTube and Instagram are better choices for sharing visual content. 

Whether your public prefers YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter, make sure to connect with them in a way they find engaging. Social media platforms give companies the best opportunity to connect with their prospects. 

Another thing to keep in mind when creating and sharing content is that people feel more connected to brands when the content they consume comes from employees. They also feel more connected to the companies whose CEOs are active on social media. The public prefers specificity over vagueness, so they want to associate a face to the information they’re asked to ingest. 

Voice search optimisation for SEO

Voice search is gaining more ground because people prefer to ask search engines for recommendations by voice rather than typing keywords. Optimising your content for voice search increases the chances for your website to be among the suggestions search engines provide when internet users are looking for services similar to what you provide. However, make sure your content provides relevant and accurate responses to your public’s questions. 

How can you optimise your content for boosting SEO?

– Answer your clients’ questions. Find out what their interests are, and what pain points they face, and create content that addresses these issues. 

– Target keywords relevant to your company. People use long-tail keywords and questions in voice search, often starting with “why, when, where, how, who, etc”. Add these relevant keywords to your headlines and subheadings.

– Reader-friendly style. When answering questions, use an easy-to-read style and opt for a conversational format. Your articles should be informative and brief. Make lists and use bullet points to keep your readers engaged. 

Is everything changing in content marketing?

Several fundamentals in digital content marketing remain constant, but some trends have taken a step back, and others have come to light. Google is famous for changing its algorithms periodically, and content creation must keep up with it. 

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