Tips to Make Your Wedding Day Special 

In an ideal world, you will only be getting married once, so it makes sense that you would want to have the most special day possible. Many people want to do something a “little” different to stand out from the crowd and give their guests something to remember, but maybe they might not have reached the stage where they know what that thing might be. 

This piece will serve as inspiration for some of the different things to do to make sure you have a truly memorable day and for the right reasons. 

Personal Touches are Key

As it is your wedding, it should be a reflection of both of you, and there shouldn’t be any room left for doubt! It is up to you to decide what that means, and what elements you want to incorporate that showcase both of your personalities and your shared relationship. This can include anything from custom decorations to heart-felt personalized vows. You might even be brave enough to choose a unique theme.

Choose a Unique or Sentimental Venue

You will likely spend most of your time in one place for your wedding, so you better make sure it is special! You can either choose a venue that holds sentimental value or a magical place that you both can see your wedding being in.

Use inspiration from the place where you first met (unless it is Tinder), or maybe where you had a favorite moment. You could also just choose a destination that you both love, such as historic wedding reception spaces to add a bit of pizazz. Remember that the location of your wedding can add depth to your day so choose something that makes you feel as special as you should! 

Create a Thoughtful Timeline

Your wedding day doesn’t just happen when you are saying, “I do”. It starts when you wake up with butterflies until your head hits the pillow. Make those 24 hours count by creating a timeline that allows for meaningful moments that don’t feel rushed. 

This will give you more time to truly enjoy each part of the day without feeling overwhelmed. Make sure to schedule relaxing times throughout the day so you can take everything in. 

Include Loved Ones

If you want your loved ones at your special day, it makes sense to involve them as much as you want to.

Ask family and friends to be a part of your ceremony, whether through readings, performances or by creating special roles for them. This can turn your day into a shared event infused with everyone’s love. Just think carefully about who you want to be involved and what they should do! Maybe leave the drunk uncle without any responsibility. 

Personalized Favors

Unless you are obsessed with sugared almonds, then why not give your guests personalized wedding favors? Depending on how many people are at your wedding will depend on how personalized you can make them. If you have a lot of guests, you can still do something that reflects your personalities tied with something they will enjoy.

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Written by Grace

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