Why Gym Owners Hate this Online Running App

Is there an app that gym owners hate? Yes, there is a well rounded app that comes with many features. In fact the app is so good that gym owners started hating this new online running app. Is it believable to you? Yes, Vingo is a great app that comes for literally peanuts. As a result, people started to shift to their own exercise workouts. They started giving up on their gym memberships. This has turned out to be a big blow to the revenue stream of gym owners. That is why they hate this app. However, the app gives many advantages for people like you and me.

Vingo is a Complete Care App

Vingo can be used along with your existing treadmills or even together with your old treadmills that do not have any inbuilt sensors. In that case, you might need to invest a few dollars in buying the ANT+ sensors. However, the cost of all these are much lesser when compared to costly gym memberships. You can use it for running or cycling. You can workout in virtual arenas and maps that are built to give you the best overall experience.

Vingo is Lower Priced than Gym Memberships

When we say the app is priced lower than gym memberships we do mean it. Of course, you can do a number of exercises in a gym but inside the app you are limited to a few but the real advantage is when you are interested only in aerobics. In that case, the value that you receive for the $15 you pay per month is paid back by many times with the app.

Fitness Bill of the Whole Family is Taken Care by the App

In spite of being priced at an affordable price, the app can be used to create as many as 8 profiles under one account. So, for the $15 you pay your whole family get a profile. You can even invite your friends to share an account with you and have an exciting exercise experience. If indoor running is your jam, then you need to be on this app.

No Need to Wait for Your Turn

Inside a gym, you need to wait for your turn to use the equipment. If there is a huge number of people, then it gets hard to get your turn. With Vingo, you need not wait for anyone. You can start working out when you feel like. On top of it, you can have a better experience with online running.

Get Complete Care & Best Input for Your Fitness

With Vingo, you can run or ride indoor cycling inside the virtual world. This is not only exciting but also motivating and keeps you sticking to your fitness goals. This is why people dump their gym memberships and get on this new mode of exercise. So, if you are a gym owner will you hate or love this app that makes people fit without the need for gym memberships?

What do you think?

Written by Grace

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