Wintermute Secures $20M Funding led by Light Speed Ventures

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Wintermute is an algorithmic liquidity provider for digital assets. Recently, it announced the closure of a $20M funding. One of the key highlights of this funding was the participation of large-scale organizations. Wintermute is based in London, UK. The Lightspeed Venture Partners led the funding. With this funding, Jeremy Liew, will join the Board of Directors in Wintermute.

Led by CEO Evgeny Gaevoy, Wintermute is a global algorithmic liquidity provider. It was launched in 2017 and has been able to achieve huge success over the last few years. The company has the accreditation of providing liquidity for some of the most popular projects. It is planning to support the major upcoming projects.

Currently, Wintermute is optimizing and piloting its FFQ platform. Despite its relative inexperience, Wintermute is collaborating with its beta counterparts. The best part about Wintermute is its aim to scale the derivatives market. One of the key highlights of Wintermute is its business operations.

The company has always operated globally across venues in Europe, the US, and Asia. It also plans to open its first overseas office in Singapore. Overall, the prospects of Wintermute look good. And after securing the funding, experts believe that Wintermute will launch newer services for its users.

It is pretty common to witness the development of crypto markets. And with the growth of crypto markets, decentralized exchanges are beginning to connect market makers. Therefore, this area will require the services of liquidity providers.

The crypto industry is creating newer opportunities and, in the future, it would be Wintermute that will create liquidity. Wintermute is a crypto-native market maker. The primary aim of the company is to focus on developing a decentralized financial platform. It aims to achieve so by creating efficient and transparent prices safetradebinaryoptions.

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