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Why everyone loves and loves Warraft? That’s right, for that content, which developers create for players. Latest Patches were not very funny, and Shadowlands not everyone liked it. After a long lull, in December the players saw Dragonflight with a huge list of updates. Some of them were obvious, but others were not.

We will not analyze the system of professions, boosting and talent tree. We are interested in Raids. The raid situation WoW was standard:

  1. went out patch with raids of normal difficulty;
  2. The rest of the levels unlocked over time, as did the Mythic dungeons;
  3. Part gamers went on an adventure and tried to complete the classic difficulty of the raid, and the best guilds and wow boost raid did not even look in his direction, waiting for the cherished difficult raids.

Why was everyone waiting for the latest difficulty levels? Equipment and awards. But with the latest update, everything has changed and Blizzard showed the players all the possibilities of the update at once: raids became available immediately at all difficulty levels. But not everything is so simple.

What has changed in raids Dragonflight?

Pros and top server guilds immediately set off to conquer a new edition called Vault of the Incarnates, ignoring the first levels of difficulty, but they were in for a surprise. From the first time, no one could go further than 2-3 bosses. And there are only 8 of them:

  • Eranog;
  • lands;
  • The Primal Council;
  • Sennarth, the Cold Breath;
  • Dathea, Ascended;
  • vibration Grimtotem;
  • Bread keeper daytime;
  • Raszageth the Storm-Eater.

What’s happened? The cunning developers saw a trend in the behavior of the best players and guilds and decided to “force” them to go through dungeons and get all content that they are given.

That’s how everyone had to go on raids of low difficulty levels together. For what? To knock out equipment. Yes, Blizzard cheated and reworked the mechanics of equipment drop, distributing it across all difficulty levels of raids. The players were satisfied and soon passed the epochal difficulty Vault of the Incarnates.

Yes, knocking out equipment and getting the necessary equipment takes a lot of time. And what should new bies do in such a situation? You want to play, you want to get achievements, but it doesn’t always work out. At a minimum, you need free time to go through everything, get rewards and equipment, and then also play with the guild. In such a situation comes to the rescue -wow boost raid.

What wow boost raid?

Wow boost raid is a good tool for beginners and those who understand how it can be used. This is a paid game help service. More precisely, the player is helped to go through all the necessary activities, including getting all the desired items.

Help in this experienced players of their number of those that are considered the best on the servers. Boosting good in many respects and indicators:

  • When playing with a professional, you can always learn his style, adopt some of the tricks and features that he uses;
  • Complete all the necessary activities in the game;
  • Get rewards and achievements;
  • Just to save time if you are interested in the passage “for show”, and not the process itself. After all, there are those who prefer to pump out professions and trade at auctions.

And that, boosting is a reliable and legal method. It’s like playing with your friend from your server. He can be with you in the group and coordinate your raid, tell you what to do, how to press abilities and point out clear timing boss phases.

What do you think?

Written by Grace

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