Xfinity Self-Installation: What You Need To Know!

Switching your provider can be very troublesome, especially because you have to go through a whole process of finding the right provider, selecting a plan, signing up for it, and getting it installed. And this is all after you have gone through the process of parting with your old internet service provider and returning any equipment that you might have rented from them.

The biggest problem comes when it’s time for the installation with all the people coming and going and you having to pay a lot, not just for the equipment, but also for the service. Surely, it is a very big hassle to go through all that.

Fortunately, some providers help to make the process of installation a bit easier for their customers. They do this by allowing you to schedule times for installation, or even just opting for self-installations. One such provider that gives you the option of self-installation is Xfinity. This is what we intend to be discussing today. Xfinity services are available in 36 states and there is no exception to whether you will find these in cities or towns only. 

So, let us talk about Xfinity self-installation and its basics!

How to Order the Self-Installation Kit?

The first thing we should clarify here is that the self-installation kit for Xfinity is known as the Getting Started kit. To order the Getting Started kit, you could try one of three things:

  • Go to the official website for Xfinity ( and place an order for the new service that you want. The Getting Started kit will be sent to your home address.
  • Contact Xfinity via one of their communication channels and ask them to send a Getting Started kit your way.
  • If you can’t wait for the delivery, simply call the local customer service center, ask them about the availability of a kit, and pick it up from there.

What’s Included in a Self-Installation Kit?

Now that you have the Getting Started kit with you, it’s time to open it up and get started (pun not intended). Do note that the kit we are talking about in this article is the Xfinity Internet Getting Started kit only. For other self-installation kits, there are separate guides. Anyway, getting back to the kit, these are the things you will find in there:

  • Getting Started Guide (Step-by-step instructions for installation and activation)
  • Leased xFi Wireless Gateway
  • Ethernet cable
  • Coax cable
  • Power cord
  • An envelope containing the Comcast Customer Privacy Notice and Agreement for Residential Services

Aside from this, you will also find some other additional documentation that will include:

  • Welcome Letter (Will include your account number and phone number)
  • QR code (Scan to watch a video with installation instructions)
  • Xfinity Return Equipment Card (Card detailing how to return the equipment)
  • Comcast Terms and Conditions
  • Additional marketing materials (If applicable)

How to Self-Install Your Xfinity internet?

You received the box and you checked the equipment, now it’s time we come to the installation. If you have purchased other services from Xfinity, then do note that you cannot install or set up those services before the internet has been set up. Thus, follow the next instructions carefully and install Xfinity internet.

  1. First, find a cable outlet and make sure it is in a suitable location, preferably a central location in your home.
  2. Connect the coaxial cable to the outlet and make sure the connection is finger-tight, otherwise, it won’t work or get disconnected easily.
  3. Plug in the power cable and wait for up to 10 minutes for the modem/router or the gateway to power up and be fully activated.
  4. You will find the network name and password on your modem or gateway. Keep in mind that the network name may also be labeled as SSID. Enter these details in a laptop or smartphone to connect to the network. This is how you can connect wirelessly, but if you want to connect with a wire, then connect the modem or gateway to your laptop or computer by using the Ethernet cable.
  5. Once you have been connected and the internet is working, visit to activate your service.


Xfinity is a great provider, partly due to its wide availability, and partly due to its amazing internet speed and services. This is also why we recommend their services as well. While Xfinity’s internet speed can be matched with other providers, the quality of service and availability is not something that is easily replicable. And so, if you are looking for a new service provider and find Xfinity in your area, do not miss out on the chance to check out the internet plans here!

You can even reach out to its customer service on chat or by simply calling 844-207-8721. Xfinity customer service is very helpful and accommodating so, any queries or doubts you have, you can directly take it up with them! Well? What’s your next move?

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Written by Grace

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